Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fare Thee Well, San Francisco

We're going on tour. And to mark this occasion, a new 12" mini-LP will be coming out on the niche-punk label What's Your Rupture?

We thought about calling the album Songs In Lieu Of Total Brains or Fare Thee Well, San Francisco, but opted for the more enigmatic Self Titled 12" mini LP at 45 RPM. Ten songs: four re-recorded from the 2007 demo-CDR, and six new ones.

A pre-press version limited to 100 copies will be available for tour. I'll post the dates here when they become complete. (By the way, that week long residency we were planning for the Hamptons has fell through, in its stead we're playing Manhattan & Williamsburg. Oh! Just added! Special student orientation gigs at Oberlin and SUNY Purchase. Both shows with the Freshman Fifteen.)

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