Monday, May 25, 2009

New Year's Reservation

With the help of What's Your Rupture impresario Kevin Pedersen and Austin at In the Pocket Tapes, a limited cassette tape of our set at last year's New Year's Eve show has been realized. There are one hundred of them, and I'm offering a handful for sale right here. Send 5 dollars paypal to The remaining bunch will be included for those that pre-order the "True to life" b/w "Good Times Crowd" single out next month on What's Your Rupture. 

Side A

1.  Is She There?
2. We Are the Only Animals
3. Controlled Karaoke
4. In the City (Contact High)

Side B

1. I Have Bad News
2. Old Clothes
3. True to Life/Art School
4. Good Times Crowd

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