Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And Grace Cathedral, next Saturday.

Nodzzz are lucky to be part of this month's upcoming Episcodisco at the Grace Cathedral, and here I'll note briefly what this event is for those unfamiliar. Local reverend and multimedia artist Bertie Pearson's monthly party is both a charity drive and collaborative curatorial art exhibit (with curating duo Paradise Now), utilizing the cathedral's exalted spaces for visual and video arts, and, of course, dancing. Amazingly, those attending this month will see an installation of one thousand flowers hanging from the church balcony by east bay artist Elizabeth Parks Kibbey, video projections from David Yun, and DJ sets from Jessica Beard and Melanie Ann Berlin of All Fall Down, a DJ duo who will further veil the evening in floral and jangly pop fabrics. Here's a nice piece that Jennifer Maerz wrote for the event on the SF Weekly website, if you're not yet convinced.

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