Monday, April 19, 2010

Home In Time for Baseball

An immediate thanks to everyone who made the last month such an enjoyable trip for Nodzzz and co. Smooth sailings for Sean's Subaru, and we even made it home with some money to spare, (but since spent). In the next few days, I'm going to try to upload a paypal unit on our myspace, for some left over t-shirts, and with them will come a cool Nodzzz poster designed and drafted by Brenda Dingfelder Atlast, (That's my mom!) What do you think is a fair price? 15 dollars postage paid? 

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Red Bank Ink said...

15$ American is an absolute bargain. I want two more mediums. I'd take Large if they were available. Also send a medium to Lauren in Brooklyn. I'll owe you $45 plus a $5 gratuity for your wrapping and trip to the post office! I forgot how to do paypal. My art group went wild for your artwork. Some of them already know True to Life, the Art school song, by heart! They asked what happened to one of the zzzz's? I told them it was around the back of the canvas. Love, MOMZZZ