Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eric's been busy.

Once-Nodzzz-drummer and Make-a-Mess records mastermind Eric Butterworth stopped by Sean's house yesterday to play on a song for our new LP, and it since occurred to me that a post here detailing his upcoming projects would be appropriate, partly because we're fans and also because we're dogs that never let go his Hang Ten sleeves. With the recent release of White Fence and Knight School LPs, and a Brilliant Colors single, the next record he's putting out will be a two song single by London's Proper Ornaments, (The songs are, I think, "Are You Going Blind" b/w "Recalling", both on the myspace). At Eric's Tiki Party this weekend, a few of us got into a lively discussion arguing whether the Ornaments roots lie in 90's indie-pop/electronic crossover ala Stereolab, or, as I argued, something more straightforwardly rock based, like a neo-Brit pop take on the similar engrained sixties idioms which Tim is re-imagining with White Fence and Darker My Love. But finally we reached no consensus. Either way, I'm thrilled for the next saga in the Make A Mess catalog, and if it's a limited release, be sure to pick it up. Before I go any further with cheap blog-type pontifications, I would like to add that the new Nodzzz LP will be called Innings, and we finished basic tracking yesterday. Innings because Sean and I listened to a lot of baseball radio while writing some of the songs, and I noticed recently that an early demo which Sean recorded in his room had faint traces of KNBR in the background. This was an accident which became a pattern for both of us, and now it's the yoke of the whole kit and boodle. More updates soon!

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